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In our production process we do not use only one type of material as a ground rule (e.g. only wood), but based on our skills and knowledge we’re able to combine METAL, PLASTIC, WOOD and ELECTRICAL IMPLEMENTS.

The entire production process is subordinated to internal quality managment system to ensure proper quality and product safety.


Upon customer’s request we perform installation (also installation of exclusive solutions) according to mutual agreement.


As a ground rule we give our products a 2-year warranty for operating in standard conditions.

About the maintenance of illuminated signs and advertisement boards:

The production and installation of illuminated signs is only the beginning of their life. The maintenance of the signs is an important part to keep Your visual communication tools fresh and striking.

We take into account that if ever a need occurs to repair or change the products made and installed by us, we are always willing to find a satisfying solution for both sides.